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Workshop Title: Science Communication in Marathi Language

Conducted by: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune in collaboration with Marathi Vidnyan Parishad


Prof. H. C. Pradhan, Retd. Director, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education

Shri A. P. Deshpande, Hon.Secretary, Marathi Vidnyan Parishad

Dr. Vivek Patkar, Mathematician, Library Studies, Operation Researcher

Shri Jayant Erande, Retd. Dy Director General, Prasar Bharati

Prof. Amol Dighe, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

Shri Nilu Damle, Journalist and Former Producer of TV programs

Mr. Sanjeev Latkar, Former Editor of Mumbai Sakal


Communicating science in regional languages is very important. Though we learn to read, write and communicate in other languages since the time we go to school, our mind always translate the words we learn into our mother-tongue as we are more comfortable with that. Therefore, our understanding in the regional languages is better than the other languages. Also, there are many people around us who may not know languages other than the regional language as they may not have received enough formal education. For those people, if we want to communicate science, it is always better if we do it in the regional languages. This workshop aims to train researchers to write science articles in Marathi language for a better communication to Marathi lay-readers.

Students who registers for this course are requested to write in 200 words in Marathi as to why they want to undergo this course and submit it to the Science Media Centre (sciencemediacentre@iiserpune.ac.in) by the 20th February, 2020.

Key Highlights of the workshop:

  1. Article writing

  2. Interview Technique

  3. Book Review

  4. Writing and speaking for Radio

  5. Public Speaking

  6. Writing and producing for TV

        7. Report Writing


Start date: 11-03-2020

End date: 17-03-2020

Registration till: 20-02-2020

Registration details

No registration fee is required. However, participants have to register online in the given link. Accommodation and food during the entire duration of the workshop will be provided. Traveling allowance is not included.


M.Sc. / PhD students


Marathi Vidnyan Parishad or Marathi Science Council was established in 1966 in Mumbai with a mission to spread science through the Marathi language, to enrich the Marathi language for the use of science and to enhance scientific literacy among the people. There are total Seventy five chapters under this affiliation in the state of Maharashtra and outside the state.

Supported by

National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune.


# Name Gender Email ID Phone Number DOB Need Accomodation?
1 Vaibhav Kadam Male vaibhavkadam.ncnnum@gmail.com 9284911040 Nov. 17, 1996 Yes
2 Prajakta Jadhav Female prajakta20394@gmail.com 9067109975 March 20, 1994 No
3 Khedkar Sambhaji Male sambhajikhedkar@gmail.com 7620770860 June 1, 1984 No
5 Ravindra Godbole Male godbolerr@gmail.com 9850976091 Feb. 22, 1972 No
6 Dnyanesh Dubal Male dnyanesh.dubal@students.iiserpune.ac.in 9834873226 Aug. 22, 1991 No
7 DIPAK SHETE Male dipakshete003@gmail.com 9049962576 Sept. 21, 1998 Yes
10 Siddhi Mahajan Female snmhjn33@gmail.com 9284836531 March 3, 1994 Yes
11 Pranita Kumbhojkar Female pranitaherwade@gmail.com 918850613783 Jan. 30, 1992 No
12 VAIBHAV LATE Male researchscholarjcsa@gmail.com 7620001401 Oct. 23, 1994 Yes
13 Anagha Patil Female anaghapatil.ios@gmail.com 9890622241 June 22, 1984 Yes
14 Dishanand Sawant Male dishanands@gmail.com 9969380560 Feb. 9, 1998 Yes
15 Prasad Bolde Male prasad.bolde@gmail.com 9834489843 Sept. 14, 1991 Yes
16 Vinayak Salunkhe Male envinayak@gmail.com 8999779586 March 22, 1992 Yes
19 Omkar Karmarkar Male odk.8397@gmail.com 9028385812 March 8, 1997 Yes
20 Parikshit Suryavanshi Male suryavanshipd@gmail.com 9960227387 Jan. 22, 1984 Yes
21 Bharati Kute Female bharatikute@gmail.com 9422279859 June 3, 1974 Yes
23 Ajay Deshmukh Male 2ajaydeshmukh@gmail.com 7020051007 Oct. 20, 1985 Yes
24 Neha Kanase Female nehakanse1999@gmail.com 7775017299 Jan. 27, 1999 Yes
26 MAYURI PAWAR Female mayurip@hbcse.tifr.res.in 8779045524 April 3, 1993 Yes
28 Ravindra Ghodake Male rs.ghodake@ncl.res.in 9158057772 June 25, 1988 No
29 SWAPNIL BODKHE Male swapnilbodkhe70@gmail.com 7588760465 Aug. 11, 1995 Yes
30 Vikrant Ghanekar Male vikrant@hbcse.tifr.res.in 9820993310 April 7, 1985 Yes
31 Dasharath Shinde Male dasharath.shinde@ssbs.edu.in 7588155436 Oct. 15, 1992 Yes
32 Vaibhav Wagh Male vaibhavwagh16@gmail.com 919209923469 April 16, 1996 No
35 Neha Deshpande Female n25deshpande@gmail.com 7887982727 Feb. 25, 1999 Yes