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Science Media Centre, IISER Pune in association with Vigyan Prasar

are happy to announce

Workshop on Writing Science (WoW Science'19)

Workshop title:

Workshop on Writing Science - 2019 (WoW Science ‘19)

Conducted by:

  1. Dr. T. V. Venkateshwaran (Science Communicator, Vigyan Prasar)
  2. Dinesh C. Sharma (Managing Editor, India Science Wire)
  3. Joseph M. Pinto (Science Journalist, editor, and a teacher)
  4. Kollegala Sharma (Science Communicator, Central Food Technological Research Institute)


The objective of this workshop is to improve the quality and quantity of reports and features with scientific content in print media, by strategically empowering those who are interested in the cool tools, tricks, and tips needed to engage the public with written text, photographs, and pictures. The workshop will have lectures, presentations, discussions, role-play, demonstrations, hands-on practice, feedback, mentoring and highly interactive sessions.
Over 13 days, participants will learn to plan, schedule, do research, write, edit, rewrite and layout reports, feature articles, and columns with visual materials designed to attract the eye, mind, and heart of different target groups. By the end of the workshop, a dummy science magazine will be produced by the participants.

Key highlights of the workshop:

  • Clarifying the structure of primary information sources in Science, Technology, Innovation.
  • Widening and Deepening the scope of science writing to cover developmental issues as well as policy issues.
  • Preparing the ground by examination of primary and secondary information resources and their limitations.
  • Improving accessibility to new knowledge. Learning to distinguish between the stages of searching, researching, reading, reflecting before writing.
  • Writing articles; introduction to structure and style; basics of editing and rewriting.
  • Tips, tricks, and tools for search, research, note-taking and organizing information, writing and sub-editing – individual and group work with mentoring and feedback.
  • Demonstrating the need to double-check: what is projected as being scientific – To underline the need for a critical attitude.
  • Cognitive tools to structure the ideas for better impact.
  • Building skills and confidence in storytelling, providing basic tools of language


Start date: 09 December 2019       End date: 21 December 2019                               
Registration open until 15 November 2019

Other details:

Accommodation and food during the entire duration of the workshop will be provided. The traveling allowance will be provided for train -AC-III or bus.


This workshop is open to Post Graduates and PhDs in any branch of science, as well as to postgraduates in Mass Communication/Journalism, aspiring to contribute scientific content to print media in English and other languages of India.

Supported by:

The workshop, catalysed by Vigyan Prasar, will be organised in the research-rich environments of the IISER Pune.


For Registration, please visit the following website:




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