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Workshop Title

Introduction to Science Video Production

Conducted by:  Vivek Kannadi


Audio visual medium is a powerful tool for communicating scientific ideas and concepts. In the education and research sector, audiovisual aids to disseminate knowledge is now becoming a routine. Currently many scientific Journals embrace this medium to demonstrate research. 

The weekend workshop is to give an orientation on how to prepare/plan and execute video production. The participants will get to know about the tools and techniques for video production. 

  • Pre‐Production – Script, Plan, get ready to shoot.
  • Production ‐ Handling camera, lights, sound equipment, Presenting and production.
  • Post‐Production: Audio video editing and Graphics   By the end of the workshop participant will be able to understand how to produce video.  


  • Start date: 2019-06-27
  • End date: 2019-06-28
  • Registration till: 2019-06-12

Other details

Accommodation and food will be provided during the entire duration of the workshop. Travelling allowance is not included.

About the conductor

Vivek Kannadi

He is a Senior Technical Officer at Science Media Centre, IISER Pune.

He is a humble perosn with extensive knowledge in the field of video Production.

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Supported by

 IISER Pune, National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), Department of Science and Technology (DST)

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