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Workshop Title

Science writing/Science Blogging

Conducted by:  Abhishek Dhawan


Scientific writing/Scientific Blogging is an excellent medium for science education and outreach and it also opens door for an artistic career path. 
This two days workshop will be organized under the training of young successful entrepreneur Abhishek Dhawan.


  • Start date: 2019-05-28
  • End date: 2019-05-29
  • Registration till: 2019-05-10

Other details

Accommodation and food will be provided during the entire duration of the workshop. Travelling allowance is not included.


About the conductor

Abhishek Dhawan

• Diploma in diet and nutrition advisor, centre of excellence
• Completed course in human neuro-anatomy from University of Michigan via edx
• Completed course in the science of exercise from University of Colorado Boulder
• Participated and completed article Introduction to food and health by Stanford medical school
• Participated and completed article treating true food allergies by Harvard medical school
• Participated and completed article diet, stress and cellular ageing by George Washington University
Participated and completed article resetting body clock by George Washington University
Diploma/Bachelor Computer engineering MSBTE/Pune University


  •  TEDx Speaker. Spoke at TEDx Gcek on topic: Curing the incurable PFA
  •  Presented research key note "Nutrition based therapy for improving sleep Quality" at world congress on nutraceuticals and nutrition, Amsterdam. 
  •  Link to DOI number and published paper:
  • Research paper was selected for Swarna padak exprimental nutriton award at 51st Indian dietic association conference PFA being base from engineering
  •  Research published in Advances in Nutrition & Food Science
  •  Icon award 2019 by Environmental Forum of India
  •  Spoke as Youth ICON on health at Swayamsiddha event organized by Pune University
  • Spoke at many events to students, people, etc PFA

Supported by

IISER Pune, National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), Department of Science and Technology (DST)

Key Features

Selected Candidates:

  1. Sreekanth C V
  2. Aaqifa Shaikh
  3. Jabin Antulay
  4. Sarthak Mishra
  5. Sapna Patil
  6. Shreya Mishra
  7. Gayatri Kshirsagar
  8. Viplove Tyagi
  9. Sushrut Mane
  10. Neha Kanase
  11. Shrestha Rath
  12. Chitrakshee Yede
  13. Sharvari Tamhankar
  14. Sanket Houde
  15. Ravi singh
  16. Kashmira deval
  17. Gargi Deshmukh
  18. Merlin Elias
  19. Nidhya J N
  20. Indraneel Chavan
  21. Amrita Saishree
  22. Supratim Das
  23. Vikas Chaudhary
  24. Jaishree Shewaramani
  25. Anwesha Banerjee

Waiting list:

  1. Abhishek Anand
  2. Swastik Biswas
  3. Vibhas Shevde
  4. Arijeet Dutta
  5. Amar Pattanshetti
  6. Shivam Waske
  7. Nihal Babu
  8. Shweta Awasthi
  9. Kaumudi Bhole